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On the Issues


Every New York resident deserves a safe, affordable, and accessible place to live.

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Every New York resident deserves comprehensive, affordable, and accessible quality healthcare.

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Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Every New York resident deserves to be treated with dignity and respect,
and get the help they need in a crisis.

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Every New York resident deserves access to well-funded, quality public schools for their children, and affordable, quality higher education options.

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Families & Childcare

Every New York resident deserves safe, affordable childcare, and the resources they need to support their families.

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Every New York resident deserves to enjoy their retirement in New York State, with the resources they need to maintain their quality of life.

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Water Quality

Every New York resident deserves access to clean drinking water, and to enjoy our clean beaches, bays, harbors, and waterways.

Effects of Climate Change

Every New York resident deserves a healthy environment; today, and in the future.

Renewable Energy

Every New York resident deserves affordable access to renewable energy options.

Recycling Solutions

& Options for Non-Recyclable Waste.
Every New York resident deserves the options to dispose of their waste safely.

Racial Equality, LGBTQ+ Equality, Immigrant Rights, & Basic Human Rights

Every New York resident deserves to be treated with equality, respect, and dignity.

Income Equality

Every New York resident deserves equal pay for equal work.

Criminal Justice

Every New York resident deserves justice and equal treatment as guaranteed by the Constitution.

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About Valerie

Valerie M. Cartright has spent her life in the community — as an award winning civil rights attorney, an educator, and an elected official.

She has a distinguished career and held the position of Senior Attorney at the Law Offices of Frederick K. Brewington (the premier Civil Rights firm on Long Island) prior to taking office. She also serves as an Adjunct Instructor at St. Joseph’s College.

As Councilwoman, Cartright has a proven track record of legislative accomplishments that have improved our infrastructure, our environment, and economy. Cartright secured funding for her constituents and continues to create new opportunities to enhance their day to day quality of life.

More on Brookhaven Town Councilwoman Valerie Cartright

Valerie M. Cartright began her first term as Councilwoman of Brookhaven Town’s Council District One in January, 2014. Cartright is currently serving her fourth term as Councilwoman.

Councilwoman Cartright continues to demonstrate a steadfast commitment to working across party lines, strengthen relationships between community and government, and brings a wide range of stakeholders together to develop innovative solutions to challenging and complex problems.

Councilwoman Valerie Cartright has worked diligently in the communities she represents to provide constituent services to address quality of life issues including those related to housing, crime and drug prevention, land use and planning, upgrades to parks and beaches, historic preservation, and water quality.

Education & Career

Valerie Cartright earned her Juris Doctorate from Touro College Jacob D. Fuschberg Law Center in Suffolk County. Cartright received her undergraduate degree in International Studies from West Virginia University. Cartright has earned numerous awards for academic excellence, and contributions and service to the law school and legal community.

Ms. Cartright has practiced law for over sixteen years, focusing her law career on the areas of civil rights and criminal defense.

Cartright shares her law experience in her role as an educator. She currently serves as an Adjunct Instructor at St. Joseph’s College in Patchogue. She frequently accepts invitations to join panels, serve as a guest lecturer, and keynote speaker at various events throughout the community speaking to her career, professional experiences, and understanding of political and community issues.


Valerie Cartright takes great pride in being a first-generation woman of Haitian descent. She owns a home in the First Senatorial District where she lives with her husband and 3-year-old daughter. Cartright feels blessed to have survived a breast cancer diagnosis in her thirties, and is an active member of her church.