Every New York resident deserves justice and equal treatment as guaranteed by the Constitution.

As a practicing lawyer for over 16 years, I spent a significant portion of my career as a Civil Rights Attorney. This experience has provided me with an intimate understanding of the Criminal Justice System. Studies have shown that, historically, there are certain laws and policies governing the criminal justice system that are socioeconomically, racially, and gender biased. The application of these laws created a system plagued by inequity.

As your New York State Senator, I will use my knowledge of the Criminal Justice System, how it works, where it is lacking, and where it needs significant improvement, to fight for policy changes and to pass legislation that will have a positive impact.

As your New York State Senator, I will take steps towards establishing a comprehensive and systematic review of the New York State Justice system, which includes a region by region analysis of statistics.  Once priority areas for improvement are identified, I will work to ensure that feedback regarding the current system and recent changes are incorporated into future policy decisions.

As your New York State Senator, I will work with other attorneys, and Judges, and community members to help all parties be educated on the current laws. I will continue to work toward creating broader protections and reduce barriers for victims of crime.

As your New York State Senator who is also an attorney, I will continue to fight for justice and equal treatment as guaranteed for all New York residents by the Constitution.