Every New York resident deserves access to well-funded, quality public schools for their children, and affordable, quality higher education options.

As a mother, I hold our public schools to the highest of standards. I have previously publicly stood by educators in my own school district in support of “opting out” of standardized “Common Core” testing. I have since become more supportive of the “Common Core” standards in general, based on changes that have been made in the implementation of the curriculum.
As your New York State Senator, I will work to amend current legislation that dictates schools will receive certain funding proportional to participation in standardized tests. This is not a fair method of allocating public monies to public schools. I will continue to enthusiastically support educators who take into consideration the mental and emotional state of their students when preparing for any test. I believe that addressing students’ stress and promoting self-care and emotional wellness is a key aspect of education that must only continue to improve in State schools.

As the mother of a toddler, I recognize the need for early childhood education. I see the parents of my daughter’s peers struggle to find affordable options for quality education for their preschool aged children.

As your New York State Senator, I will strongly advocate for funding Universal Pre-K and full day summer programs at our public schools. I will work towards expanding free and reduced breakfast and lunch in our public schools and research the feasibility and need to raise the minimum income to qualify for free school lunch.

As a mother, I applaud Senator Mayer’s community outreach in holding Public Hearings on Foundation Aid.

As your New York State Senator, I will propose legislation to allocate Foundation Aid not based on median income alone, but also taking into account demographics including statistics on poverty levels, special education and English as a second language needs, and the number of students that qualify for free lunch within each school district.