Every New York resident deserves a safe, affordable, and accessible place to live.

As Councilwoman, I spearheaded greater dissemination of Brookhaven Town’s fair housing survey to help identify obstacles residents encounter while trying to find a place to live. For the larger projects in my District, I advocate for an increased percentage of “work force/affordable” units for these projects. I am also supportive of a Town Code change that would increase the percentage of “work force/affordable” units required in new housing projects.

As your New York State Senator, I will advocate for legislation that further incentivizes developers to set aside an increased percentage of units for “workforce/affordable” units, for veterans, for homeless families and for the disabled in new state subsidized projects. I am in support of the State’s obligation to fully fund public housing and will continue to advocate for this funding as Senator.

Land Use and Zoning is one of the primary roles of a Town Councilperson. As Councilwoman, I worked diligently to balance development, which can boost the economy and create jobs, with the need to minimize affects to the environment, mitigate traffic concerns, and preserve the essence of our communities.

As your New York State Senator, it will continue to be paramount that we make “smart growth” decisions about our community’s future. I will balance the need for additional housing options while taking into account all potential impacts on the community. In order to address any issues related to the granting of tax breaks for corporate developers, I will consider options such as ensuring that any tax breaks granted are tied to a stronger affordable housing benefit.

As Councilwoman, I practice a “roundtable” approach to Planning. I include Civic Associations, Chambers of Commerce, neighboring residents, and other stakeholders in meetings with developers and potential applicants.  This allows for a great amount of community involvement in local planning projects.

As your New York State Senator, I will continue a “roundtable” approach to problem solving, including the problems our youth, families, seniors, disabled persons, and veterans encounter when looking for a safe, affordable, and accessible place to live.