Every New York resident deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and get the help they need in a crisis.

As Councilwoman, I sponsored annual Resolutions to declare “Mental Illness Awareness Week” in the Town of Brookhaven during the nationally recognized week in order to support those with mental illness, further advocacy, and increase awareness and education.

As Councilwoman, I worked with The Association for Mental Health and Wellness (MHAW) to spearhead a program for the training of Town employees in mental health first aid. MHAW is providing this training at no cost to the Town as a result of a grant awarded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

As your New York State Senator, I will prioritize allocating funds and additional resources for those in need of mental health care. I will continue to promote education to highlight mental health and wellness as a critically important issue in our communities.

As Councilwoman, I established a Quality of Life Task Force to address community concerns in Port Jefferson Station. This Task Force consists of local municipalities, the Suffolk County Police Department, the MTA, and community groups. Some of the key concerns of the community identified by the Task Force include substance abuse and mental illness.

As Councilwoman, I established a Drug Prevention Coalition of 12 stakeholder groups working toward reducing substance abuse in Council District One. Substance abuse is on the rise in our country and presents a serious national problem and a local epidemic.

As your New York State Senator, I will advocate for the expansion of and funding for access to treatments and life-saving medications to combat opioid addiction and overdose, including opioid agonist treatment, access to naloxone (aka Narcan), and the associated training programs. Furthermore, increased funding for preventative education aimed towards our youth will be one of my top legislative priorities.

As your New York State Senator, I will be committed to providing funding to increase the number of beds available in inpatient treatment facilities. I will hold “sober homes” and State regulated inpatient treatment programs and their employees to the highest of policy standards. Those in need of treatment, their families, and their fellow community members deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.