Every New York resident deserves to enjoy their retirement in New York State, with the resources they need to maintain their quality of life.

As Councilwoman, I worked diligently to include assisted living, Planned Retirement Communities, and affordable options for individuals and couples in “smart growth” Planning.

As your New York State Senator, I will continue to make “smart growth” decisions so that Seniors can afford to retire in the communities they have always called home.

As Councilwoman, I practice a “roundtable” approach to include Civic Associations, Chambers of Commerce, neighboring residents, and other stakeholders in meetings with developers and potential applicants.  This allows for a great amount of community involvement in local planning projects.

As your New York State Senator, I will continue a “roundtable” approach to problem solving, including the problems our seniors encounter when looking for a safe, affordable, and accessible place to live.

As the adult child of aging parents, I understand the need to support our community’s seniors while promoting their independence. I am familiar with the financial struggles and difficult choices seniors are faced with on a day-to-day basis.

As your New York State Senator, I will support legislation that will establish a health insurance available to all New York residents. There must be a complete and comprehensive healthcare option open to all New York residents, that is truly affordable. This healthcare must be coordinated and well-regulated, and in cooperation with heath care providers.

As your New York State Senator, I will prioritize oversight of home healthcare aid, and I will advocate for increased State funding toward senior centers, transportation options, and home meal programs.